Thanks for joining us to tell a story in the Tavern! Here’s how it works:

  1. First up, take a listen to Episode 0 to get a sense of what this whole podcast is about. You can listen to Episode 1, too, to hear an actual storyteller.
  2. Once you’re ready, shoot us an email, or reply via Instagram with:
    1. A picture that we can use with the episode – a headshot, a project, etc.
    2. What time you might want to record – late morning, or midafternoon work best if you have the time for it. 
  3. Think about what story you might want to tell. If you want some idea starters, consider one of these:
    • What’s the story behind a piece or a project that you’ve made that isn’t obvious when people see the finished work?
    • What’s an invaluable or precious tool in your kit – one that you got by a special circumstance, from a special person, or for a meaningful project?
    • What’s a lesson you learned from someone special or in a unique situation?
    • What’s the most expensive “tuition” you paid to complete a project?
    • What’s your most epic fail?
    • What project do you think was your first “win?”
    • What’s been the hardest project to finish?
  4. When we start recording, we’ll ask you what you make and how you got there.
  5. Next we’ll ask you to share your story
  6. After you’ve shared your story, we’ll ask you where people can find more about what you do – this can be a website, social media handle, etc.
  7. Finally, we’ll ask you to close the episode with a toast of your choice!

Thanks so much! Let Mush know what questions you have!