Jimmy Diresta lives in in East Durham, NY and is affectionately referred to by many in the community as the Godfather of Making.

Grant Alexander is a maker and Youtuber based out of Ottawa, and is the host of the Creating, Living, and Making Projects Podcasts – aka the Clamp Podcast.

Jimmy and Grant visit the Tavern to talk about why and by whom they were inspired to begin making, the beauty and magic of tools that come with a history, the long road to get to East Durham and Maker Camp, and the realization that we’re all grown ups who can buy the grown up tools and toys we’ve always been fascinated by.

You can find Jimmy online at JimmyDiResta:

Grant is online at TheGrantAlexander:

Andrew Szeto is a maker and skateboarder who hails from Ottawa. During his time in the Tavern, he shares with us the challenges and joys of finding fellow Canadian Makers, celebrates the memory of his mentor Richard Scott, digs into the value of failure, and teams up with Leigh to hijack the episode to transform it into an ad hoc hockey podcast.
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Leah Hartman and Sam Ciferno Skidmore run The Hive, an open access makerspace at Lakeland Community College outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Leigh and I were excited to geek out with fellow educators and learn about how they introduce making to learners from three to ninety-five years old, how they dealt with the atmospheric and cultural whiplash that was introduced by Covid restrictions, and how they planned to drink from the firehose of knowledge that is Maker Camp. Plus, at some point Leigh and Leah discover that they’ve both built their own ice rinks and get a chance to unpack that.

You can learn more about what Leah and Sam do at @HiveLakelandCC on Instagram, or by visiting lakelandcc.edu/hive

Dave Miao, or 3D DIY Dave is a maker from Long Island, NY, who spends a good deal of time playing in between the worlds of digital 3D  design and traditional hand-tooled woodworking. Dave tells us about the magical and practical elements of 3D scanning, rediscovering lost passion, and making friends for life in the woodworking and maker community.

In this episode:

You can find Dave on Instagram @3DDIYDave.


Our stories this time come from Jared Geddes, AKA The Evening Woodworker, and Brittney Carbone, who shares her work as BrittneyCarbone.art. We talk about their similar entry touchpoints into the human side of Maker Community, the exciting world of Contact Dermatitis, the path from necklaces to nightstands, and share a thank you to the teachers who got them started on their journeys. A quick heads up – we did our best with timing, but the Friday Night Karaoke does kick off just as we’re wrapping up this conversation, so thanks for sticking through some of the rowdiness that erupts at the end of this episode!
Jared Geddes – The Evening Woodworker
Brittney Carbone – BrittneyCarbone.art


Lindsay Zeulich, aka Woodbrain, is a mixed media maker and artist from LA. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube, and all the things at Wood_Brain. Today she tells us about inventing her own art style, fighting about the dictionary, and the importance of having your homies’s backs.

Cover Art Photo by Lisa Marie Photographie


In this episode: 
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Leigh Northrup is a Makerspace Teacher at Cannon School in Concord, NC. Leigh shares with us about the journey from professional America to being a makerspace teacher, lighting Legos on fire, embracing the epic fail, and what you can learn from making quadratic sound diffusers that don’t diffuse sound.